Water Bath Canning 101

Event Description:

Garden produce is coming in and the question arises.....what to do with it? Preserve it!! There are many methods of food preservation and canning is one of them. At this class you will learn the basics of water bath canning, done safely according to most current USDA standards. We'll cover the history of canning, consider the many reasons for preserving our food via the canning method, and get your frequently asked questions answered. It's a hands-on workshop class, where we will learn how to make salsa and dill pickles -- and you will go home with samples of each -- plus one "surprise" jar! You'll also receive an 8-page packet of materials with recipes.


Come expecting to remove fears and obstacles you have had about canning. Learn tips that make canning easier and fun -- then be ready to launch into a wonderful hobby that gives back to your family throughout the winter months, providing delicious food at your table.

What to bring: Water bottle, apron (optional), comfortable shoes, small box to safely carry your 3 hot jars.


Organic, freshly canned refreshments served at this class!



Fee:                 $45 for this event (all supplies provided)

Class Duration: 3 hours

Location:          Dianna's Kitchen

                         Brook Park, MN 55007

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