Stir-Fry Made Easy

Event Description:

With your cutting board as your palette, there is no limit to the stir-fry dishes you can make, right in your own kitchen. You'll soon be preparing colorful, beautiful dishes, introducing a variety of veggies that could not be more delicious than those found in a stir-fry with homemade sauce.

Learning stir-fry can be daunting -- so let me take you through all the steps and show you tips on cutting, slicing and sauteeing to perfection! We'll learn a basic stir-fry sauce and I'll go over variations to change it up.

And let's not forget the rice! Which kind? How much water? How long to cook?

This class includes a live cooking demonstration with sampling at the conclusion. Recipes included in your packet. Organic ingredients used at this class.


The cooking vessel used in this class is the 4-qt RockCrok Dutch Oven by The Pampered Chef.

Fee:                 $35 for this event

Location:          Dianna's Kitchen

Date:     Not scheduled at this time

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