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Has clutter overtaken your home and life, robbing you of peace of mind and joy of living? Is your clutter getting in the way of performing routine daily tasks, and affecting relationships? It is my experience that most people will answer "yes" to these questions at some point in their lives, and some will admit this is a perpetual problem they have always been aware of. There was a time when I was immobilized by messes and lived with constant depression, due to "too much stuff" around me. I was ineffective in the things that were most important, and I simply was spending too much time looking for things. It was not a happy place to be.  Then I discovered -- and began applying -- the basic principles of  time and space management. I took charge of my time and surroundings -- and my life changed.


If I can learn these principles, you can too! It's my joy to come alongside people who are ready for change, helping them to identify their goals, jumpstart their plan and teach them the art of developing and maintaining systems and procedures in their home and life.


Here is a list of just a few of the rewards that come with an organizational approach to home management:


  • Reduced stress

  • Greater enjoyment in the day-to-day routines

  • More time to do the things you love, because you are spending less time looking for things

  • A sense of peace and harmony that comes with living in more organized surroundings

  • A sense of accomplishment because you have conquered a difficult area and learned new skills

  • Save $$ because you are buying less and using what you have

  • Greater enjoyment of home and family

  • The knowledge to teach your children how to be organizers and de-clutterers.

  • Confidence and a sense of control, because you no longer have to fear clutter!

How do I get started?

  • It's easy! After you fill out a one-page questionnaire that will help me assess where you are at, we will meet together for our first session. We will do a quick, on-site visit and discuss your goals, then dig in!

  • I will show you how to methodically go through your possessions, and teach you the principles of decluttering and organizing. We will begin this process in the room that you choose.

  • You can choose one session, or add on as many additional 4-hour sessions as desired to reach your goals.

What will it cost?

  • The first 4-hour session is $200 and covers the initial evaluation and approximately 3 hours of hands-on sorting, cleaning and organizing, where you will learn the how-to of decluttering and organizing.

  • Additional 4-hour sessions are $175.

  • For each additional hour beyond the 4-hour session, the rate is $35/hour.

  • Totes, baskets, boxes and other organizational tools are the responsibility of the client.

  • Gift Certificates are available! Perfect for new brides,  birthdays and other gift-giving occasions.



It is a privilege to be invited into your home and come alongside you. You can expect my enthusiastic support in helping you reach your goals and complete confidentiality.

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