Organic Gardening

Event Description:

This event is held the third week in May on location at Dianna's garden. (Scroll down to see current scheduled date.)


What you'll learn:

What we put into the soil is what gives back to us. At this outdoor class, I'll demonstrate the basic how-to's of organic gardening, including:


  • Preparing your new site

  • How to nurture the soil for optimal nutrients to grow the biggest plants

  • How to compost

  • How to hasten the germination of your seeds, cutting off 7-10 days towards harvest time

  • How to plant seeds and seedlings

  • How to fertilize naturally

  • Patio and container gardening tips included!

  • ...and more!


I'll show the basic gardening hand tools you'll need to accomplish your organic gardening.

Great chefs grow their own food and your cooking efforts will be  enhanced with the quality, wholesome foods that you grow right in your own garden. It's the next step in becoming a real foodie!


Organic refreshments served at this class.


Date:    Tuesday, May 21, 2019

             5:00 pm

Fee:      $25 per person on site at Dianna's Garden

             (Directions will be given with your class reminder)

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