Homemade Mayonnaise -- guilt-free, healthy and delicious!

I never liked mayonnaise and salad dressing growing up. What a perfectly awful way to ruin jello, than by adding a dollop on top! I always asked for "no mayo" on sandwiches. Fast forward to life in Indonesia where there was (at that time), little-to-no access to canned and packaged foods. That was a good thing! I learned to make virtually everything from scratch, including mayonnaise. I have now been making homemade mayo for 40 years. Yes, truly I have! I have also learned to love a delicious pasta or potato salad that is bound together with a healthy mayo. For me, it makes all the difference. Of course, pasta must be cooked al dente and regular pasta is no competition for a good, organic brand, made in Italy. Yes, I am definitely biased!


Over the years, I have tweaked my recipe here and there and this is the one that I love and have shared with many. Just remember to use a good oil -- extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil (high in antioxidants) or avocado oil (rich in oleic acid) -- and not canola, soy or corn, which are generally all genetically modified (GM) crops and high in inflammatory-producing omega-6 fatty acids. Corn is the #1 genetically modified crop in the United States, with soy ranking as #2. Rapeseed, predominantly grown in Canada from GM seed since 1995, has an extremely high omega-6/omega-3 ratio of 2:1 (inflammatory producing). Made-from-scratch -- your body will love you for it!




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When choosing your ingredients, use home-grown, grass-fed and organic ingredients whenever possible.


2 fresh eggs, room temperature if possible – always use from a known source (or pasteurized)

3 TBSP raw coconut vinegar, raw apple cider vinegar, fresh lemon juice, or white wine vinegar (try making it with different vinegars and see what your favorite is!)

1 small garlic clove (approximately ½ tsp)

½ tsp dry mustard (powdered form)

1 tsp pink Himalayan salt

1 TBSP raw honey, locally sourced

(Fermented Option: Add 2 TBSP whey, i.e., taken from yogurt, the yellowish liquid that separates on top)


1 ½ cups organic avocado oil or olive oil (no corn, soy or canola) - Avocado oil is a very mild-tasting oil




1. Put all ingredients in the first group in a blender jar. Add ¼ cup of the oil and start your blender.  Tip: I never measure my oil! It's less messier to pour straight from the bottle. To do this, simply note the amount of ingredients in your blender, which will be approximately 1/2 cup. Drizzle in the oil until it reaches approximately the 2-cup mark. A little more, a little less oil -- no difference -- the end product will be marvelous! Your blender will tell you when to stop (the oil will no longer incorporate into the mayo).

2. Drip in the rest of the oil while blades are running, until dressing emulsifies (thickens and oil is incorporated into the other ingredients).

3. Pour into a Mason jar and cap tightly. Refrigerate immediately. Use within 1 month. Store in fridge on the top shelf (NOT in the door, as temp is too warm).


Fermented Version:

If whey has been used, leave on the counter for 8 hours (capped or in your anaerobic fermentation jar), then refrigerate. Your mayo will be especially healthy and delicious. I doubt you will need to be concerned about storage – it will be used up before you know it! Reminder: Always use fresh eggs and from a known source (or pasteurized).


How to use:

  • As a spread on sandwiches

  • To make chicken salad, tuna salad, egg salad sandwich spreads

  • Make Curried Chicken Salad and serve on Romaine leaves

  • In any recipe that calls for mayonnaise or salad dressing

Yield: Makes approximately 2 cups

Choose wholesome ingredients for your homemade condiments!