Introduction to
Anaerobic Fermentation

Class Description:

Fermentation is the oldest form of food storage and preservation. Archaeological evidence dating as far back as 10,000 BC shows foods being fermented anaerobically (without oxygen) on both a small and large scale. 


Foods that have been fermented are "changed," increasing in nutrient value and composition. These foods and beverages are an important component to building and maintaining good health for these reasons:

  • 70-80% of the immune system resides in the gut. A healthy gut = optimal health

  • Fermentation changes the food, making it probiotic rich, predigesting glutens, and breaking down proteins

  • Simple sugars are metabolized, making fermentation a game-changer for many health concerns.

​​This introductory class introduces the benefits and "how to" of anaerobic fermentation and why this is the preferred method of fermentation. You'll get an overview of the history of fermentation, the broad spectrum of fermented foods, and learn the basics of how to do it! Beginner recipes included.


Date:     To be announced

Fee:       $45 (or $40 when you prepay via PayPal)

Location: Brook Park, Minnesota


Hands-On Option:

We will take the last 30 minutes of the class to do hands-on  fermentation, using a 1 Liter jar. If you already have a Probiotic Jar, you can bring it to the class, or you may purchase a jar at the class for $39 (+ tax). Produce and salt will be provided.


Official Anaerobic Fermentation Jars can be viewed here.


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