Gluten Free Pie Workshop

Workshop Description:

This Workshop shortens the learning curve in learning beautiful and delicious gluten-free pie crust! You’ll learn why gluten free is necessary for some people, and the factors that make gluten-free baking difficult.


It’s a total hands-on event: We’ll make 3 pie crusts and prepare the filling to freeze or bake at home. Everyone will make a Pumpkin Pie and choose a double-crust Apple or Triple Berry for your second pie. Savory meat pie recipes (Chicken Pot Pie, Cheeseburger Pie, Southwestern Pie) will be provided in your take-home packet of materials! Imagine having homemade, delicious dessert pies, just bake-time away from enjoyment -- or entrée meat pies, ready to bake for an easy supper, with a delicious green salad on the side!


The goal of this Workshop is to empower and equip with the knowledge and confidence to successfully make delicious gluten-free pies in your own kitchen!

Downloadable Grocery & Supplies List here.


Date:     Not available at this time.

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Fee:      $35 per person, on-site at Dianna's Kitchen

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