Fruit & Nut Treats
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Quick & Easy!

When you need a quick snack or dessert, and want something that has no added sugar or sweetener, this recipe is for you! It's great to serve to your children or grandchildren -- it's rich in fiber and natural sweetness, complemented by raw nuts and seeds -- what's not to love??

I keep a pantry supply of all these ingredients, so I can make at a moment's notice. These ingredients keep indefinitely -- and are the perfect go-to snack, instead of cookies and chips. They DO have calories, so measure out a portion and stick with that.

This recipe requires an electric food processor.


​​Fruit & Nut Treats



Download pdf Recipe

When choosing your ingredients, use home-grown, grass-fed and organic ingredients whenever possible.



Makes 32 - 1" balls (1 TBSP size scoop)

OR 22 - 1 1/2" balls (2 TBSP size scoop)


½ cup almonds (50 grams)

¼ cup pumpkin seeds (40 grams)

¼ cup sunflower seeds (35 grams)

½ cup unsweetened dried coconut (40 grams)

½ orange, with peel (100 grams), cut in pieces

1 cup dates (160 grams)

1 cup apricots, unsulphured (200 grams)

½ cup dried cranberries or raisins (80 grams)


Add 1/3 cup mini chocolate chips or unsweetened carob chips to the fruit/nut mixture and process.

Roll the balls in fine coconut flake, carob powder or cacao powder.



1. Add the dry ingredients to your food processor and begin processing.

2. Drop in the pieces of cut-up orange while the food processor is running.

3. Add the dried fruit a little at a time through the food chute, while the food processor continues to process. Process until uniformly chopped, to desired texture (fine or with pieces still visible). Test the mixture by squeezing with your fingers – it should hold together. If not, add a tablespoon or two of water and process a little longer.

4. Form into 1” balls (squeezing to hold together).

5. For a special effect, roll in fine flaked coconut and/or carob powder.

6. Serve immediately or store in covered container in refrigerator. (Hint: They won’t last long!).



Dianna’s Note: You can make this recipe with most any substitutions of nuts, seeds and dried fruits. Just keep the measurements the same.


Fruit and Nut Treats....make some today!

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