"Essentials for Living" Event:
Best Health Tips & Toxic-Free Product Giveaways!

Event Description:

There is no charge for this event, presented to you by Anna and Dianna Kasprzak

Have you wondered about products that are good for your HEALTH and good for your HOME? This is the event for you!

You'll see the products first-hand: test, taste, smell, sample! Hands-on exposure that you can't get shopping online.

And....we'll be sending home with you our favorites!

Win product "Giveaways" - choose from the items you like best! Many prizes offered - valuing $10, $20, $30, $40, and more!

Special pricing and discounts offered for orders placed at the event. (Some product can be purchased on-site.)

How to win free gifts:

  • When you register, your name will be entered for the giveaways.

  • Invite a friend and your name will be entered again!

  • The first 10 people to register will have their names entered TWICE for the "Giveaway" drawings.

Casual atmosphere; delicious, homemade, organic refreshments offered. Come join us for a fun, educational, worth-your-while time!


For a sneak-preview of one of the products we'll be sharing, read this short blog entry.

Date:     Sunday, September 29 (No charge for this event)

              2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

              Please RSVP below.

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