Chicken Wild Rice Soup
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Soup -- so comforting and warming!


This recipe is a crowd-pleaser! Add a cup of cream and a basic soup becomes gourmet-delicious! This recipe utilizes your own cooked chicken, homemade broth and wild rice -- all cooked from scratch. I will tell you how to do each step, using a pressure cooker. I used the Pampered Chef Quick Cooker, but you can use any pressure cooker -- or you can cook on the stovetop. A Dutch Oven is perfect! These ingredients can then be frozen for future recipes -- and you can have this soup in less than 30 minutes!

P.S. Be sure to check out the fresh mushroom variation of this recipe to achieve an over-the-top 5-star rating from your mushroom-loving guests!


Chicken Wild Rice Soup


Makes 2 quarts

Download pdf Recipe

When choosing your ingredients, use home-grown, grass-fed and organic ingredients whenever possible.


For this recipe, you will need 1-1 1/2 cups of cooked chicken, 2 cups of cooked wild rice and 4 cups of chicken broth. You can easily make these (batch cooking) in your pressure cooker. Scroll down to see specific directions.

Step 1:

Place these ingredients in stainless steel cooking pot of Quick Cooker (QC), preheated on SEAR setting and cook 3-4 minutes:

4 TBSP butter (or half butter & half extra virgin olive oil or chicken fat)

1 cup celery, chopped

1 cup onion, chopped

1 cup carrots, chopped or diced to 1/4" - 3/4" pieces


Step 2:

Add and sauté 1-2 minutes more:

1 TBSP garlic, freshly pressed (lots of FRESH garlic is key to the flavor of this soup!)



Step 3:

Add these ingredients:

4 cups chicken broth

1 - 1 ½ cups cooked chicken, diced

2 cups cooked wild rice

1 tsp parsley flakes (or omit and garnish with fresh at serving time)

1 tsp thyme leaves

1 tsp rosemary (not powdered)

1/4 tsp marjoram

1/4 tsp sage

1 bay leaf

1 tsp Himalayan pink salt

¼ tsp freshly ground white pepper or gourmet peppercorn blend or black pepper


Give a quick stir, then CLOSE cover. Select CUSTOM (high pressure), then TIME and adjust to 5 minutes. When 5 minutes is completed, press valve for INSTANT RELEASE of pressure.


Step 4:

Open Cooker, select SEAR and stir in:

1 cup (8 oz) heavy cream + 6 TBSP all-purpose flour (which has been already whisked together)

(To make gluten free, substitute 3 TBSP cornstarch for the flour)


Stir while you cook for 1-2 minutes or until thickened. Press CANCEL.

Adjust seasoning (salt, pepper) to taste.



How to Pressure Cook a Chicken:

Place 4 lb thawed chicken in Quick Cooker stainless steel pot. Add 1 cup water. Press CUSTOM (high pressure) and adjust TIME to 35 minutes. (I cooked a 5 1/2 lb chicken for 50 minutes under pressure). When time is up, press CANCEL and allow to rest for 10 minutes. If pressure valve is still up, press steam release. Remove chicken and place on Large Bar Pan. Debone, saving the skin and bones. Proceed with BROTH recipe (recipe follows). Store chicken in Leak-Proof Glass Container(s). Refrigerate for up to 5 days, or freeze.



How to make Broth in a Pressure Cooker:

After cooking the whole chicken, debone, saving the skin and bones. Throw these back into the Quick Cooker with 2 or 3 quarts of water; select CUSTOM (high pressure), then TIME to 90 or up to 120 minutes; press START. When completed, allow Natural Release on the pressure. Strain using Large Stainless Steel Bowl & Large Mesh Colander. Allow to cool slightly; pour into quart Mason jars and refrigerate uncovered (or freeze in Ziploc). When thoroughly chilled, cap jars. If this broth is too much to use up in a week for your cooking and drinking needs, freeze in 2-cup or 4-cup amounts in freezer Ziploc bags, laying flat until frozen. Use in soups, casseroles, stews, and for cooking rice, to add nutrients.

How to Cook Wild Rice in a Pressure Cooker:

3 cups wild rice

6 1/2 - 7 cups water

1 tsp Himalayan pink salt

1-2 TBSP olive oil

Add all ingredients to stainless steel cooking pot of Quick Cooker. Close Cover. Press CUSTOM (high pressure), then TIME adjust to 35 minutes. When cooking time is completed, press CANCEL and allow to sit closed for 10 minutes. Manual release pressure if red valve is still up. Drain if necessary. Freeze leftover rice in 2 cup amounts in freezer Ziplocs to use in this recipe or in salads.

Yield: Makes 8+ cups of cooked wild rice (enough for 4 recipes)


Slice 8 oz of fresh mushrooms (buy them whole and slice for the best flavor).]

Saute in a pan with 1-2 TBSP of butter for 2-3 minutes, with just a light sprinkling of freshly ground salt and peppercorns. Set aside and stir into the soup, after the soup has thickened. Serve immediately.

Download pdf Recipe



Serve with cornbread or crusty bread/rolls and a green salad for a complete meal!

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