Bosch Compact Mixer

Bosch Compact Makes

Bread and Pizza!

Words used to describe

the Bosch Compact Mixer:


"Mighty Mo"

"Packs a punch"

"Baby Bosch"

"Little Sister" Bosch"

Bosch Compact Mixer Attachments:

Bosch Compact Mixer

The Bosch Compact Mixer combines many of the features of the Bosch Universal Plus Mixer, but in a smaller package. It's the ideal mixer for:


  • the new bride

  • people with small kitchens

  • someone wanting their first stand mixer

  • families with diminished baking needs

  • anyone who loves to bake!


You'll still have loads of capability with this Mixer! With 450 watts of power, it can easily handle 3 loaves of bread, 3 dozen muffins, or 3 recipes of cookies. With add-on attachments, you'll have a complete kitchen system. (Watch the video to see this Mixer in action.) The 4-cup blender has the same, great centrifugal action of the Bosch Universal Plus, and the Food Processor and Slicer Shredder will perform all kinds of functions in your kitchen.


  • Sturdy 4-quart mixing bowl

  • Dough hook

  • Beating whisk

  • Stirring whisk

  • Splash cover for mixing bowl

  • Cover for blender drive



  • 450 Watt Motor

  • Four electronically controlled speeds plus locking park position

  • Three separate drives: 

    • Standard-speed drive has high torque for whisks, dough hook and meat grinder (and other attachments requiring higher torque)

    • High-speed drive (for blender and other attachments requiring high speed; sold separately)

    • Mid-speed drive (for continuous shredder attachment and other attachments requiring mid-range speed)

  • Ergonomic multi-function arm

  • Overload and restart motor protection

  • Four suction cup feet keep machine securely in place on surface

  • Convenient cord storage

  • Durable, easy-to-clean surface; parts & pieces are dishwasher safe


Bosch Compact Mixer: $170

+ $10 Shipping*


​​​Additional Attachments:


Bosch Compact Blender: $60

Bosch Compact Food Processor: $115

Bosch Compact Slicer/Shredder: $65

Bosch Compact Citrus Juicer: $30


*No additional shipping charged when attachments are purchased at the same time as the Mixer.

Free hands-on demonstration for local customers

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