Ancient Grains Bread Workshop

Workshop Description:

Ancient Grains -- the grain of our ancestors. Why are they superior to modern wheat? How were they preserved until modern day? How do you bake with them?

This is the bread class for anyone who:

  1. Wants a "healthier bread," but is not ready to do sourdough
  2. Knows how to maintain a sourdough starter, but has not yet done a loaf
  3. Has never made bread and wants to get started with immediate, great results!


This is a hands-on Workshop! You will mill your own flour, using the NutriMill Harvest Grain Mill, mix a loaf of artisan, peasant bread to take home and bake the next day, and learn to shape and bake a "boule" (round ball of dough) to take home to your family (2 loaves total).


While your bread is baking, you will sample loaves made with Einkorn, Emmer and Spelt. All organic ingredients provided at this event.  Recipe packet included.


Fee:                 $35 for this event

Location:          Dianna's Kitchen

Date:     Not scheduled at this time

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