Anaerobic Fermentation
Hands-On Workshop

Class Description:

This Workshop is designed to give hands-on experience to those who have already attended Introduction to Anaerobic Fermentation. At this Workshop, we will spend a brief review of anaerobic fermentation, then spend the remainder of the time preparing our ferments to take home.

Choose a minimum of 2 (or do all 5):

  • Sauerkraut (3 Liter jar recommended)

  • Potatoes (1.5 or 3 Liter jar recommended)

  • Grated Carrots or Beets (1 Liter or 1.5 Liter jar recommended)

  • Beet Kvass (1.5 or 3 Liter recommended)

  • Ginger or Turmeric (.5 or 1 Liter recommended)

​​You may choose to do a minimum of 2 projects -- or all of the above ferments at the Workshop. Required are the appropriate anaerobic fermentation vessels that you bring to the class (or preorder from Dianna before the event). Quality produce (organic preferred) is essential. For the freshest, non-chlorine-sprayed produce, it is recommended to preorder through Real Food Organic Buying Club. Order directly or confirm to me and I will preorder for you with Anna Kasprzak, Manager of Real Food.

There is LIMITED SPACE at this Workshop, so register early.

Date:     (No date yet) at Dianna's Kitchen, Mora

              2:00 - 5:00 pm

              Workshop fee is $20 (jars and produce not included)

              Let me know of your interest by filling out the form below.

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